[2017] Assessment English FAL Grade 1 Term 2 TASK & MEMO

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Author: Kobie Kleynhans

  • Task + Memo (17 pages)
  • Assessment Plan (3 pages)

1. Listening and speaking: (Oral and practical)

  • Demonstrates understanding of oral                                                                                                                           vocabulary by responding to an instruction.
  • Look at the picture and tell your teacher what the
    picture is about.
  • Express self in simple ways by using short
    phrases e.g. I like apples.  I do not like vegetables

2. Emergent Reading

  • Checklist for Emergent Reading
  • Demonstrates understanding of vocabulary in the                                                                                                     story by pointing to objects in the pictures
  • Copies a caption for a picture he/she has drawn.


Draw one of the three pigs who is building his house and choose the correct caption for your picture.

3.  Phonemic Awareness

  • Claps out the syllables in familiar words.
  • Learner identifies the beginning sounds in words.                                                                                                     Listen to the word and write the beginning sound of familiar words.
  • The learners will be able to identify rhyming words in rhymes.

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