[2017] Assessment English FAL Grade 2 Term 3 TASK 1 & MEMO


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Activity 1: Listening & Speaking

1.1  Listen to the story your teacher reads to you and answer the questions.

1.2 Speaking: Look at the picture and talk about what the picture is about.

  • Speaks fluently with confidence.
  • Language use and grammar.
  • Content.

Activity 2: Reading

2.1  Shared Reading:

  1. a) Reads a short written text with the teacher and answers simple questions about the story
  1. b) Reads sentences and put them in the correct order.

2.2 Group guided reading: Rubric

  • Read text aloud with confidence.
  • Uses known phonic and sight words if necessary.
  • Reads without errors with increased fluency and expression.


Activity 3: Phonics

3.1. Recognises common consonant digraphs at the beginning or the ending of words

e.g. sh; ch; th-; wh-: -ng). Use these digraphs to write own words (picture clues).

3.2 Give the plural form of words, e.g. one orange…many oranges.

3.3 Spelling test.


Activity 4: Writing

4.1   Recognises and uses common endings in words “ing”. Complete the sentences by adding –ing to          the verbs.

4.2 Use is or are to complete sentences.

4.3  Use a or an to complete sentences.

4.4  Write a paragraph with a title about a topic.

  • Work with words and use learnt phonics knowledge.
  • Use appropriate writing convention and punctuation.
  • Content and structure.

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