[2017] Assessment English FAL Grade 2 Term 3 TASK & MEMO



Activity 1: Listening & Speaking

1.1  Learner must be able to listen to a simple recount

and answer questions.

  • Listen to simple recount and answer simple questions about it verbally.
  • Speaking and answering questions.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of some basic oral vocabulary.
  • Sentence structure

1.2 Prepared Oral:

Can you tell the class more about your pet? Yx2 X x1    W x0


Theme:  My Pet               Time: 30sec

  •  Voice: Did you speak clearly and loudly so that everyone could hear you?
  • Eye Contact: Did you look at your audience while you were talking?
  • Content: Is your content sufficient and does it relates to your topic.
  • Fluency: Did you stumble over a lot of your words or did you speak fluently?
  • Duration: Did you speak for too short or did you speak for the correct time?


Activity 2: Reading

2.1 Individual reading: Learner reads from reading book to the teacher.

  • Reads out loud from own book.
  • Make use of knowledge of sounds while reading
  • Make use of sight words while reading.
  • Reads with increasingly fluency.
  • Reads with feeling and intonation.

2.2 Shared Reading: Read a story and answer questions.


Activity 3: Phonics

3.1 Recognises consonant digraphs at the beginning or

the ending of words and use picture clues to write

words e.g. ch-;  sh-;  th-;  -ng; -ck

3.2 Recognises common endings in words and use them

correctly in sentences, e.g. “-ing and -ed”.

3.3 Write the name for each picture: oo or ee


Activity 4: Writing

4.1 Complete the sentences by filling in: am, is or are.

4.2 Complete the sentences by filling in: has or have.

4.3 Use a frame to complete sentences by telling us more about yourself.


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