[2017] Assessment English FAL Grade 3 Term 3 TASK 2 & MEMO

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Author: Kobie Kleynhans

  • Task + Memo (20 pages)
  • Assessment Plan (3 pages)


Activity 1: Listening & Speaking

1.1 Listen to the reading passage and answer multiple choice questions.

1.2 Gives an oral recount of a recent personal experience.

  • Checklist for Listening and Speaking


Activity 2:  Reading

2.1 Reading comprehension: Read a rhyme and answers questions.

2.2 Independent reading

Demonstrates comprehension and fluency when reading independently.

Rubric for Independent reading:

  • Read text aloud with confidence.
  • Uses known phonic and sight words if necessary.
  • Reads without errors with increased fluency and expression.


Activity 3:  Phonics

3.1 Fill in “sh” or “ch” in each of the blank lines so that the sentences make sense

3.2 Distinguishes between different digraphs: ai & ay

3.3 Recognises some differences between sound/spelling

relationships in home and additional language

3.4 Recognises three-letter consonant blends at the beginning

end of words (e.g. str-, scr-, -tch, -nch)

3.5 Recognises consonant digraphs in a word e.g. –ph-; -ll; -ss;

– ff,  and complete sentences using these words.



Activity 4: Language Use

4.3 Uses punctuation (full stops, commas, question marks,

exclamation marks and inverted commas)

4.6 Understands and uses the articles „a‟ and „the‟ with

nouns, for example, a bottle/the bottle, water/the water

4.4 Uses past tense with increasing accuracy

Understands and uses the past tense, for example,

“Yesterday I made a mask.”

4.5 Understands and uses countable and uncountable nouns.


Activity 5:  Writing

5.2 Writes a personal recount with guidance, for example, “Yesterday I made a mask. First I ….. Then I ….. Next I ….. Finally I …….”

Uses the writing process (drafting, writing and editing).

Uses children’s dictionaries (monolingual and bilingual) to build own word bank.

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