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2017 Math Grade 2 – Term 2: Combination TASK + Memo + Assessment Plan




Writer: Kobie Kleynhans

  • Task + Memo (38 pages)
  • Assessment Plan (5 pages)

Numbers, Operations & Relationships

1.1 Number concept:

  • Count grouped objects in multiples of 3s; 4s; 5s and 10s.

1.2 Order, compare and describe numbers:

  • Write the numbers in descending and ascending order:
  • Complete the following using symbols: < = >
  • Complete: More or less than by the aid number lines.
  • Round off numbers to the nearest 10 e.g. 13® 10:
  • Double or halve whole numbers:

1.3 Number names and number symbols:

  • Match number names with the correct number symbol
  • Read the number name and write the number symbol
  • Write number names

1.4 Place value:

  • Write a number sentence for the following.
  • Complete HTU e.g. …………. = 100 + 30 + 2
  • Build HTU on using drawings:
  • What is the numerical value/place value of the underlined digit?

1.5 Problem solving:

  • Show your operation and write a number sentence. You may also draw a picture.

1.6 Operations:

  • Use the number line to show your calculations
  • Halve and double in steps
  • Calculations by breaking numbers down

1.7 Fractions

  • Colour the indicated fractional part in e.g. one half.
  • Divide the shapes in the indicated fraction and colour one part e.g. two thirds.
  • What fraction is shaded?

1.8 Money:

  • Add rands and cents.
  • Calculate the cost and difference in rands and cents.
  • Draw the amounts in rands and cents.

Patterns, Functions & Algebra

2.1 Number patterns:

  • Complete the patterns by counting on and back in multiples of 2s; 3s, 4s, 5s; 10s and identify and

name the rule e.g. count on in 2s

2.2  Geometric patterns

  • Complete the pattern by filling in the missing parts.
  • Expand the patterns by drawing one set.

Space and Shape (Geometry)

3.1 Symmetry: Identify whether a picture is symmetrical.

3.2 2-Dimensional shapes: Recognise and draw.

3.2 3-Dimensional objects:

  • Match 3-D objects with the correct name, e.g. sphere, cylinder, cone, pyramid, rectangular prism, cube.
  • Recognice properties of 3-D objects e.g. roll / slide; flat / round surfaces.

Measurement: Calendar, Time, Mass, Length

4.1 Calendar:

  • Complete a calendar.
  • Record dates on the calendar.
  • Answer questions about the calendar.

4.2 Time

  • Read and write the analogue time. (Hours & half hours)
  • Read the time and draw the hour and minute.
  • How many minutes are in an hour; half an hour and a quarter-hour?

4.2 Mass:

  • Arrange items by mass.
  • Read mass on a scale.
  • Recognise unit of measure by which we measure mass and the abbreviations e.g.  g – gram; kg. – kilogram.

4.3 Length:

  • Can read lengths in centimeters using a ruler.
  • Measure lines in centimeters using a ruler.
  • Recognise unit of measure by which we measure length and the abbreviations e.g. cm-centimeters;  km.- kilometers.

Data Handling

5. Use given data to complete a bar graph


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