[2019] Grade 3 Mathematics Baseline Assessment TASK & MEMO


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Author: Kobie Kleynhans

Mathematics Grade 3 Baseline Assessment TASK & MEMO [2019] 44x Pages

Numbers, operations, and relationships

1     Count items

  • Count in multiples of 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, 25’s, 50’s and 100s
  • Estimate
  • Count the objects and circle the correct number

2     Count forwards and backward (1 – 400)

3     Describe, compare and order numbers to 250

  • Descending and ascending order
  • What comes before, after or between?
  • More than or less than?
  • Rounding to the nearest ten
  • Compare numbers by using correct symbols
  • Halving and doubling

4     Complete a numbers chart from 151 to 220

5     Number symbols and number words

  • Read the number name and circle the number symbol your number chart
  • Recognizes, reads and writes number symbols
  • Read the number symbol and write the names

6     Place Value

  • Count the cubes and write number symbol
  • Write in expanded notation
  • Name the numerical value of the underlined digit
  • Name the place value of the underlined digit

7     Fractions

  • Divide 2D shapes into given fractions
  • Colour one half of the pictures
  • Colour one quarter of the pictures

8     Working with money

Calculate the costs of the products as well as the difference (your change)

9     Operations:

  • Mental Maths: Number combinations to 20
  • Multiplication and division
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Building up and breaking down numbers to 75
  • Addition and subtraction of 2-digit numbers
  • Halving and doubling of 2-digit numbers

10 Problem solving

Patterns and functions

1     Number patterns

  • Copy, extend and describe simple number sequences
  • Name the number rule
  • Count forward and backward in multiples

2     Geometric patterns

  • Identify and extend geometric patterns
  • Fill in the missing pattern
  • Identify and name the pattern
  • Growing patterns
  • Can you describe these patterns?

Space and Shape

1     Two-dimensional shapes

  • Recognize and name 2D shapes and properties

2     Three-dimensional objects

  • Recognize, name 3D objects and properties

3     Position, orientation, and directions

4     Symmetry:

  • Draw a line of symmetry in geometric and non-geometric objects


1     Time

  • Work with a calendar
  • Read analog time

2     Length

Measure the lines in cm by using your ruler

3     Mass (weight)

  • Unit of measurement

4     Volume (capacity)

  • Unit of measurement

Data Handling


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