[2020] Assessment Mathematics Grade 2 Term 4 TASK & MEMO [SBA]


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[2020] Grade 2 Mathematics Assessment Term 4 TASK & MEMO [SBA]

  • Mathematics Grade 2 Term 4 Task & Memo [PDF]
  • Mathematics Grade 2 Term 4 Assessment Plan [PDF]
  • Mathematics Grade 2 Term 4 Recording Sheet [MS WORD]

33 reviews for [2020] Assessment Mathematics Grade 2 Term 4 TASK & MEMO [SBA]

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    Excellent service 👏

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    Thank you !

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    Amazing…thank you…I wanted to compare our assessments with others…

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    This is beautifully compiled. Thank you so much.

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  12. Grizelda Prinsloo (verified owner)

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    Well planned and proper work done to set the paper.

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    We really like the assessment this term.

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    Ag Kobie wat kan ek anders se as net Wow! Vir al die werk wat jy insit. Ek wens net al my ou kindertjies waardeer dit soos ek dit waardeer.

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    Well priced. Thanks for covering all aspects.

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    I really enjoyed the ‘Tracker’ and user friendly method of assessment whereby all methods are set out on one assessment! Thank you!

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    Covers everything and more!

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    It’s a little long

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