(2024) Grade 1 Mathematics Baseline Assessment

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CAPS provides educational guidelines. For Grade 1 Mathematics, a baseline assessment refers to the initial evaluation of learners’ mathematical abilities at the beginning of the academic year. Its aim is to assess their foundational understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts and the expected skills at that level.

Baseline assessments in Grade 1 mathematics typically cover basic numeracy skills, including:

– Counting: Assessing the ability to count orally and understand the concept of numbers in sequence.

– Number Recognition: Identifying and recognizing numbers.

– Basic Operations: Understanding basic addition and subtraction concepts, primarily with small numbers.

– Shapes and Patterns: Recognizing shapes and understanding simple patterns.

– Measurement: Grasping basic measurement concepts like length, size, and comparison.

– Data Handling: Involves concepts of organizing, collecting, and representing simple data.

Assessment usually involves various tasks, activities, or questions tailored to evaluate these skills. Teachers use this baseline assessment to identify learners’ strengths and weaknesses, customize instruction accordingly, and monitor progress throughout the year.

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