(2024) Grade 2 Home Language Baseline Assessment

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(2024) Grade 2 Home Language Basic Line Assessment

This assessment focuses on a variety of skills for Grade 2 learners in their Home Language.

The assessment includes:

Listening Skills:

– Listen to stories and answer questions.

– Discuss personal experiences and feelings and participate in class discussions.

2. Phonics:

– Identify beginning and ending sounds in words.

– Build words with vowels.

– Recognize digraphs: sh-, th-, wh-, ch-

3. Reading Skills:

– Independent reading.

– Reading comprehension.

4. Handwriting:

– Trace simple patterns.

– Writing short sentences.

– Awareness of writing direction, lowercase, and uppercase letters.

5. Writing:

– Write creative sentences.

– Draw a picture to convey a message.

– Dictation of sentences.

4 reviews for (2024) Grade 2 Home Language Baseline Assessment

  1. Corrie P. (verified owner)

    Comprehensively set out and covers everything. I love the variety of phonic activities.

  2. Theresa Matolla (verified owner)

    Hoe standaard opgestel.

  3. Bianca (verified owner)

  4. Leanne (verified owner)

    Lovely product. Quick download

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