A3 Grade 3 Maths 4-in-1 Deskpad


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A3 Grade 3 Maths 4-in-1 Deskpad

  • Includes 4x A3 Mathematical Desk pads for each term
  • It can also be printed as an A4

22 reviews for A3 Grade 3 Maths 4-in-1 Deskpad

  1. Camelita Andrews (verified owner)

    This is a very helpful document and essential when working in the foundation phase. It helps retrieving information when a child forgot and its a resource that should be used everyday.

  2. Stefanie Fleetwood (verified owner)

  3. Amisha Silochan (verified owner)

  4. Donetha Cupido (verified owner)

  5. melanie hill (verified owner)

  6. Jenny (verified owner)

  7. Cecelia Cloete (verified owner)

  8. Rina Strydom (verified owner)

    A bit big. What about one per term with concepts and number range per term?

  9. Desiree W. (verified owner)

    This is an awesome way of having information on the table. Learners do not have to look for information on the posters against the wall.

  10. marlette longland (verified owner)

    I used it to help specially with the maths vocabulary. Like it a lot😀

  11. Tracey Woods (verified owner)

  12. Nasreen Adams (verified owner)

  13. Nina Esselaar (verified owner)

    I love this! So affordable too😊

  14. Wondera van Huyssteen (verified owner)

  15. Moeniba Abrahams (verified owner)

  16. Yolandie van der Merwe (verified owner)

    Sooooo oulik en handige hulpmiddel!

  17. Kelesitse (verified owner)


  18. Lara (verified owner)

  19. noelisa bhugwant (verified owner)

  20. Ilse Strombeck (verified owner)

  21. Marlene Nel (verified owner)

  22. Michelle H. (verified owner)

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