A4 Poster: Letter Formation

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A4 Poster: Letter Formation

  • Letter formation for a-z
  • Includes colour and black&white posters

41 reviews for A4 Poster: Letter Formation

  1. Madie Deysel (verified owner)

  2. Sharon (verified owner)

  3. Pearl Rowley (verified owner)

    Simple. Beautiful. Colourful. I just hope that the sassoon font could be used.

  4. Elsa Chandler (verified owner)

  5. Elize Blaauw (verified owner)

  6. Tamsyn Soomar (verified owner)

  7. Odessa Otto (verified owner)


  8. Rene Marx (verified owner)

  9. Sunitha Harmse (verified owner)

  10. Teresa (verified owner)


  11. christine vosloo (verified owner)

  12. razaan hassan (verified owner)

  13. Marinda Strauch (verified owner)

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

  15. Marlein Van Tonder (verified owner)

    Hieroor is ek baie opgewonde. Het nog nooit ‘n plakaat gekry wat al die letters korrek vorm nie. Dankie.

  16. Bonita (verified owner)

  17. Merissa (verified owner)

  18. Lizel Jacobs (verified owner)

  19. Ilani Fourie (verified owner)

  20. Rina Smit (verified owner)

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

  22. Sinti Hartman (verified owner)

  23. Sune Harmse (verified owner)

    Amazing work

  24. Charne P. (verified owner)

  25. Rochelle Nel (verified owner)

  26. Lena Henning (verified owner)

  27. Hanlie Correia (verified owner)

  28. Leonie Williams (verified owner)

  29. Bernadine (verified owner)

  30. Thea Ferreira (verified owner)

    Really spot on and saves me a lot of time with prep! Brilliant resource!!!

  31. Meagan Christie (verified owner)

  32. Belinda Botha (verified owner)

  33. Chantelle Botha (verified owner)

  34. Yvette Venter (verified owner)

  35. Corne F. (verified owner)

  36. Karin Blake (verified owner)

  37. Bianca Joubert (verified owner)

    Can’t wait to use these on an interactive whiteboard for learners to practice

  38. Carin Bornman (verified owner)

  39. Anonymous (verified owner)

  40. Zaheeda Abdoolla (verified owner)

    Very helpful with letter formation

  41. Augusta Kotze (verified owner)

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