Alfabet Kaarte met Kleur pyltjies


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Alfabet kaarte met Kleur pyltjies

  • A5 Klein letters met prent
  • A5 Groot letters
  • A4 Klein- & groot letters Plakkaat

36 reviews for Alfabet Kaarte met Kleur pyltjies

  1. Evelyn Hugo (verified owner)

    Clear indication (numbers and arrows) for children to follow. Size of letter also great!

  2. Petro Van Straten (verified owner)

    Thank you for the excellent resources. It helps me very much.

  3. Charlene Vermaak (verified owner)

  4. Abigail J. (verified owner)

  5. Issie Rossouw (verified owner)

  6. porchia ockert (verified owner)

  7. ZENDRE CORBETT (verified owner)

  8. ALTA DU RAAN (verified owner)

  9. Beané Booysen (verified owner)

    Absoluut mal oor Kobie se goed!

  10. Jeanri Wessels (verified owner)

  11. Marlize H. (verified owner)

  12. Ingrid Reyneke (verified owner)

    Die k klankie by ons in Gauteng lyk effens anders. Maar ek maak dit sommer reg as ek dit gedruk het.

  13. Rika (verified owner)

    Wonderlike hulpmiddel!!

  14. Adele Strydom (verified owner)

  15. Susanna Botes (verified owner)

  16. Madeleine Mcaskill-Barendse (verified owner)

    Baie oulik dankie!

  17. Glynis Engelbrecht (verified owner)

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)


  19. Lizette (verified owner)

    Baie goed vir die aanleer van handskrif.

  20. Jenifer W. (verified owner)

  21. Nadia M. (verified owner)

  22. Estie Matthee (verified owner)

  23. Sunridge Primary Grade R (verified owner)

  24. Anna-Marié van Jaarsveld (verified owner)

    I am super excited about your products. Very good quality and easy to access. Thank you for tour service.

  25. Chrisna De Wet (verified owner)

    I work with Special need children and it is very helpful to guide them in correct forming writing.

  26. Adele (verified owner)

    Baie oulik

  27. Jolene (verified owner)

    Baie oulik

  28. Chardene Banthom (verified owner)

  29. Annemarie Coetzee (verified owner)

  30. Sonicka Visagie (verified owner)

  31. Jolene C. (verified owner)

    My dogtertjie geniet die speel en leer ook nog daarby

  32. Anonymous (verified owner)

  33. Magdel Gagiano (verified owner)

  34. Charmaine van Jaarsveld (verified owner)

  35. Anonymous (verified owner)

  36. Sindy (verified owner)

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