Book 2: 2D Shapes (Space & Shape)

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Book 2: 2D Shapes (Space & Shape)

  • Identifying, naming, drawing, finding, colouring, matching and sorting activities.
  • Learners explore properties of 2-D shapes by sorting, classifying, describing and naming them.
  • Learners recognize and describe shapes and objects in their environment that resemble mathematical objects and shapes.
  • Learners describe the position of 2-D shapes using the appropriate vocabulary.
  • Learners follow and give directions.
  • 2-D shapes: Square, Circle, Triangle, Rectangle, Oval, Rhombus (Diamond), Heart
  • Patterns with 2-D shapes.
  • Symmetry with 2-D shapes.


21 reviews for Book 2: 2D Shapes (Space & Shape)

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    Awesome, cute and creative ideas.💕

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    Excellent as always!

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    Your products are very professional, usable, and all according to CAPS requirements. Thank you very much for the effort you made compiling the books for our children. May God bless you tremendously. May more teachers realize the value of your work and the positive results they produce in learner achievement.

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    Lieflike produkte.

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