Character Stories

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14x Character Stories with comprehension questions.

Use different colours to colour answer in the text.

  • Caring;
  • Citizenship;
  • Cleanliness;
  • Compassion;
  • Cooperation;
  • Courage;
  • Fairness;
  • Forgiveness;
  • Friendship;
  • Honesty;
  • Integrity;
  • Justice;
  • Love;
  • Patience;
  • Respect;
  • Self-control;
  • Trust;
  • Wisdom;
  • Work ethic


34 reviews for Character Stories

  1. Erin Le Roux (verified owner)

  2. Chelsey Klopper (verified owner)

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  4. Nadia Graaff (verified owner)


  5. Annamarie (verified owner)

    Kan dit so goed gebruik in EAT vir my klassies.

  6. Jenny (verified owner)

  7. michele wiener (verified owner)

  8. Felicity Mare (verified owner)

  9. Cecelia Cloete (verified owner)

  10. AREEFA AJAM (verified owner)

    Love it! This will be an activity for homework once a week. An opportunity for parents and learners to spend quality time discussing and answering questions about the child’s character.

  11. Belinda Fouche (verified owner)

  12. Charmaine Shangase (verified owner)

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  20. Natalie (verified owner)

    Lovely stories.

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

  22. Amy N. (verified owner)

  23. Michelle Venter (verified owner)

    Baie oulike stories. Sou graag bietjie Meer progressie wou sien. Langer stories, Meer vrae so by die laaste 3 stories.

  24. Louise Mey (verified owner)

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  31. Genevieve Mannel (verified owner)

    Really nice way to teach values.

  32. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  34. Janette K. (verified owner)

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