Evaluation for School Readiness

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Evaluation for School Readiness by My Klaskamer

Evaluation for School Readiness is a comprehensive guide that provides valuable and in-depth assessments of learners’ development, preparing them for school. The content is structured to offer a comprehensive understanding of a child’s development, with a focus on general, emotional, and social aspects.

The evaluation also explores learners’ body image and fine motor development, as well as their gross motor skills, dominance, balance, laterality, midline crossing, eye movement, and position in space. This information is crucial for building a solid foundation for further learning.

The guide goes further with a thorough assessment of learners’ visual skills, including analysis, association, discrimination, front/background perception, memory, synthesis, sequence, and closure. Auditory memory, discrimination, analysis, synthesis, and closure also play a crucial role in the evaluation of a child’s skills.

The evaluation concludes with an assessment of learners’ number concepts, illustrating their fundamental mathematical skills.

This Evaluation for School Readiness is an indispensable resource for parents, educators, and specialists, offering valuable insights and guidelines to enhance learners’ development and potential. With a wide variety of evaluation areas, the guide is a comprehensive tool to prepare learners for the next phase of their academic journey.

1.1 General Development

1.2 Emotional Development

1.3 Social Development

2.1 Body Image

2.2 Fine Motor Development

2.3 Gross Motor Development

2.4 Dominance

2.5 Balance

2.6 Laterality

2.7 Midline Crossing

2.8 Eye Movement

2.9 Position in Space

3.1 Visual Analysis

3.2 Visual Association

3.3 Visual Discrimination

3.4 Visual Front / Background

3.5 Visual Memory

3.6 Visual Synthesis

3.7 Visual Sequence

3.8 Visual Closure

3.9 Shape Perception

4.1 Auditory Memory

4.2 Auditory Discrimination

4.3 Auditory Analysis and Synthesis

4.4 Auditory Sequence

4.5 Auditory Closure

5  Number Concept

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