Grade 1 English Home Language Activity Book 1

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Grade 1 English Home Language Activity Book 1

Compiled by Kobie Kleynhans

  • Consolidation of short vowel sounds: a, e, i, o, u
  • Letter formation
  • Read the words
  • Word families / Rhyming words
  • Read & write sentences
  • Visual discrimination: Letter search
  • Read the word and draw a matching picture
  • Auditory discrimination: Write the beginning sound
  • Auditory discrimination: Write the ending sound
  • Visual memory: Word search
  • Reading chart with short vowel words
  • Write c-v-c words
  • Colour a picture

116 reviews for Grade 1 English Home Language Activity Book 1

  1. Ancelin De Boer (verified owner)

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    Thank you so much for all the fantastic responses!

  3. Susan (verified owner)

    Weereens ‘n meesterstuk! Puik beplan en op die vlak van graad 1 om te verstaan. Baie dankie!

  4. Gloria Basson (verified owner)

    You never disappoint Kobie!!

  5. Anka (verified owner)

  6. Marcelle (verified owner)

    Just love it. Appropriate for class work and homework. Caps compliant. I highly recommend it.

  7. wilhelmina Van Vuuren (verified owner)

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    As always, the resources are excellent! Thank you!?

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    Amazing! Worth purchasing

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    Sooooo helpful

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    Great resources!

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    Amazing books. I cannot wait to use it in my classroom.

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    I was looking for a book like for a long time now. I’m very happy with the quality of your work. Appreciate your efforts.

  45. HENRIETTE NEL (verified owner)

  46. Noekie van Niekerk (verified owner)

    Can’t wait to use it next year

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    Child friendly, love it.

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    Cute activities, learners will want to do these.

  54. Charmaine (verified owner)

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  56. Elbie (verified owner)

    I haven’t had an opportunity to put it to use but I really like it. I’m sure it will benefit my Gr 1’s tremendously once I start to use it.

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    Fantastiese hulpmiddels!

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    So happy with our books. These are wonderful! Thank you.

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    These activity books are excellent resource to have and are of a very high standard.

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    Thanks for great resources that is really affordable! It helps a lot when your a teacher and a busy mon who really don’t have a lot of spare time to sit with prep work! This is awesome 👌

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    A very good book and lots of fun for the kids!

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    My kiddos will learn while having fun.

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    Lovely resources! Great value !

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    Fantastiese hulpbronne! Dit help my ongelooflik baie!! Baie baie dankie Kobie

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    Soos altyd so amazing.

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    Baie goeie hulpbronne.

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    Excellent booklet!

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    The WB bundles allow revision and new work combined

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