Grade 1 English Home Language Activity Book 3

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Grade 1 English Home Language Activity Book 3

Compiled by Kobie Kleynhans

  • Long vowels with silent -e
  • Use story cards to tell a story
  • Use a writing frame to write a story
  • Write a story using a framework
  • Read word families
  • Write own sentences
  • Write the name for the picture
  • Visual memory: Word search
  • Draw a matching picture with the word
  • Reading comprehension: Fill in the missing word
  • Punctuation Rules
  • Write sentences with correct punctuation

80 reviews for Grade 1 English Home Language Activity Book 3

  1. Candice Ackhurst (verified owner)

    As always, the resources are excellent! Thank you!?

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    Excellent, thought through and planned perfectly!

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    Thank you for all the hard work and hours you put in.

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    Excellent as usual

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    Child friendly, love it.

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    Fantastiese hulpmiddels!

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    These activity books are excellent resource to have and are of a very high standard.

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    I love the work. It’s set out so that kids learn easy.

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    Children learns so much better because they love the work

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    Dankie vir puik diens.

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