Grade 1 Mathematics Learner’s Book Term 4

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Written by Kobie Kleynhans

Grade 1 Mathematics Learner’s Book Term 4 (Concept Book 10-12)

The early development of mathematical concepts in the foundation phase is of critical importance for building a strong mathematical foundation and promoting critical thinking skills that will equip children for success in the future.

Includes 3 workbooks covering mathematical concepts as per the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) for Grade 1 for the fourth term.

Concepts included:

• Estimates and counts out objects reliably to 50 by using the strategy of grouping
• Counts forwards and backwards in Ones from any number between 0 and 100
• Compares numbers up to 20 and say which is more or less.
• Counts forwards in 10s , 5s ,2s from any multiple of 10 between 0 and 100
• Number bonds to 10
• Number symbols and number names
• Recognises, identifies, reads and writes number names 1 to 10.
• Reads number symbols 1 to 100.
• Writes number symbols 1 to 20.
• Describes, compares and orders numbers to 20 according to smaller than, greater than, more than, less than, is equal to before, after, in the middle/ between.
• Uses ordinal numbers to show order, place or position from first to tenth.
• Recognises the place value of numbers 11 to 19.
• Decomposes two-digit numbers into ten and ones.
• Solves problems involving equal sharing and grouping with whole numbers up to 20.
• Money: Solve money problems involving totals and change to R20 and in cents up to 20c
• Addition and subtraction and repeated up to 20 using one of the following: apparatus, drawing, building up and breaking down numbers, number lines, doubling and halving.

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