Grade 2 English Home Language Term 2 Activity Book 4-6

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Grade 2 English Home Language Term 2 Activity Book 4-6

  • Listens to stories and answers questions.
  • Compares and classifies things.
  • Responds to riddles and jokes.
  • Identifies short vowel sounds.
  • Recognises ‘silent-e’ or split digraphs in words (long vowel sounds).
  • Identifies vowel digraphs.
  • Recognises 3-letter consonant blends at the beginning of words (e.g., str-ipe, str-ap).
  • Recognises 3-letter consonant blends at the end of words (e.g., ca-tch, fe-tch, i-tch).
  • Answers higher-order questions based on the text read.
  • Copies and writes one paragraph of between 3 and 4 lines from a printed text, e.g., a poem.
  • Identifies antonyms and synonyms.
  • Understands the use of articles: a/an.
  • Writes in different formats of writing, e.g., invitations.
  • Write your own story of at least one paragraph (at least five sentences) using a writing frame.
  • Write one paragraph (at least five sentences) on personal experiences or events, such as daily news.
  • Uses the writing process (drafting, writing, and editing).
  • Uses capital letters at the beginning of sentences and for proper names, as well as correct punctuation (full stops, commas, question marks, and exclamation marks).
  • Uses present, past, and future tenses correctly.
  • Uses prepositions correctly.

49 reviews for Grade 2 English Home Language Term 2 Activity Book 4-6

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    I enjoy the visuals and content. If you could please try to get more Jolly Phonics aligned activities for the phonics sections it would be great!

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