Grade 2 Mathematics Term 1 Activity Book

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Grade 2 Mathematics Term 1 Activity Book

This activity book is designed for Grade 2 learners to develop their understanding and skills in mathematics during the first quarter.

It includes various exercises and tasks focusing on number knowledge, counting skills, basic operations, number patterns, and the comprehension of time. Each week contains specific tasks that guide learners step-by-step through the core concepts of the curriculum. The book adopts a practical approach with various visual and written activities to reinforce learning and build confidence in mathematics. All content is compiled according to the CAPS guidelines, ensuring that it meets the national standards for education.

The workbook is ideal for use in the classroom or for homeschooling, enabling teachers and parents to monitor learners’ progress in a structured manner.

It includes a daily task card for Mon-Thurs and a weekly review test for Friday.


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