Grade 3 English Home Language Term 3 Activity Book 7-9


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Grade 3 English Home Language Term 3 Activity Book 7-9

  • Interviews people for a particular purpose such as to find out about a person’s work
  • Listens to a story and works out cause and effect in the story
  • Participates in discussions, giving useful feedback to others
  • Puts events in order of logical sequence
  • Listens for the detail in stories and other oral texts and answers open-ended questions, e.g., “What will you do when you grow up?”
  • Tells a story with a beginning, middle and end
  • Recognises all vowel and consonant blends learnt so far
  • Recognises silent letters in words, that is, ‘k’ as in know, ‘l’ as in half, ‘b’ as in comb, ‘w’ as in write, ‘h’ as in hour
  • Homynyms: Uses words that are pronounced and spelt the same but have different meanings such as fly : to fly in an aeroplane or a fly that is an insect.
  • Homophones: Uses words that sound the same but are spelt differently such as ‘pair’ and ‘pear’, ‘hair’ and ‘hare’
  • Open/closed syllables
  • Gender of nouns
  • Collective nouns
  • Degrees of comparisons
  • Spells words correctly using phonic knowledge in informal tests, in dictation and in all written work
  • Copies written text from the board, textbooks, work cards, correctly, paying attention to correct letter formation and spacing in cursive writing
  • Writes personal texts in different forms: a diary entry, a letter to a relative, description
  • Uses different sentence types when writing such as statements, questions, commands
  • Uses punctuation correctly: capital letters, full stops, commas, question marks, exclamation marks and inverted commas
  • Identifies and uses nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs and prepositions correctly
  • Joins sentences using conjunctions

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