Grade 3 English Home Language Term 4 Activity Book 10-12

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Grade 3 English Home Language Term 4 Activity Book 10–12

  • Engages in conversation as a social skill, accepting and respecting the way others speak.
  • Uses language imaginatively: tells jokes and riddles using appropriate volume and intonation.
  • Listens for the detail in stories and answers open-ended questions, e.g., “Do you think it is right that you have to wear a school uniform?”
  • Tells a story using descriptive language, different gestures, and facial expressions.
  • Listens to a story and works out cause and effect in response to questions such as “What would have happened if the dog had not been found?”
  • Plans and makes an oral presentation: tells personal news, describes something experienced, recounts an event, etc. using a visual aid
  • Expresses feelings and opinions about a text and gives reasons, e.g., “This book is boring because it has no pictures and many long words!”
  • Discusses solutions to a problem using higher-order thinking skills, e.g., “If your father can’t collect you this afternoon, you could…”
  • Recognises hard and soft sounds of ‘c’ and ‘g’, such as ‘c’ as in city and ‘g’ as in giant.
  • R-controlled Vowels
  • Recognises and uses prefixes such as un-, re-, and suffixes such as -ful and -ness.
  • Breaks down multi-syllabic words into separate syllables, e.g., re-mem-ber
  • Spells words correctly using their phonic knowledge in informal tests, in dictation, and in all written work.
  • Uses pre-writing strategies to gather information and plan writing: talks to a partner, creates a mind map, and creates a planning frame.
  • Writes a selection of short texts for different purposes, e.g., dialogues
  • Drafts, writes, edits, and publishes their own story of at least two paragraphs (at least 12 sentences).
  • Uses informational structures when writing, such as experiments and recipes.
  • Sequences information and puts it under headings
  • Uses apostrophes in contractions such as can’t, Mary’s
  • Uses punctuation correctly: capital letters, full stops, commas, question marks, exclamation marks, inverted commas
  • Uses conjunctions to form compound sentences.
  • Builds own word bank and personal dictionary
  • Uses a dictionary to find new vocabulary and check spelling.


33 reviews for Grade 3 English Home Language Term 4 Activity Book 10-12

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    Would love it if you made Afrikaans first additional daily lessonplans. Content is good thank you 🏵️

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    Love this

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