Grade 3 Term 2 Homework Book

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Grade 3 Term 2 Homework Book

8 Weeks: Monday – Thursday

*** This booklet can also be used for enrichment or intervention activities!

Gear up for Grade 3 Term 2 with our comprehensive Homework Book! Designed for an 8-week period, this resource covers a range of subjects including Home Language, Afrikaans EAT, and Mathematics. Help your child enhance their language skills with sight words, phonics, handwriting in cursive, syllable division, homophones, and punctuation. Explore the versatility of spelling choices and the different sounds they represent. In mathematics, reinforce number sense, addition/subtraction, place value, money calculations, measurement, and word problems. With  pages of engaging activities, this booklet serves as an invaluable resource for both enrichment and intervention. Get the Grade 3 Term 2 Homework Book today and support your child’s learning journey!

  1. Home Language
  • Sight Words
  • Phonics (Spell test every Friday)
    • Recognises that some sounds can be represented by a number of different spelling choices such as ow (cow) ou (found); aw (draw), au (autumn); tie, high, sky; few, blue.
    • Recognises that the same spelling can represent different sounds, e.g. ‘bread’, ‘read’
  • Handwriting: Cursive Writing
  • Language use
    • Divide words into syllables
    • Homophones e.g. read/reed
    • Punctuation marks
    • Tense: Past, Future and Present
    • Parts of speech: verbs, independent nw, adjective nw.
  1. Afrikaans EAT
  • Herken lang klanke: aa, ee
  • Herken tweevokaalkombinasies: ie, oe, ou, ui, eu, ei
  1. Mathematics
  • Write & read number names
  • Number combinations up to 20
  • Addition/Subtraction
  • Place & Number Value
  • Rename/Expanded Notation
  • Calculations with money
  • Measurement: Mass
  • Word sums

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    Baie oulik, dankie!

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    Lovely product

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    Ek is mal oor Kobie se werk. Dit werk fantasties!

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    Reassures any parent that your child master all the concepts for grade 3

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    Hulpbronne is baie goed, dankie.

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    Very helpful Math activities. It covers all areas of Math in Term 1. It takes the stress out of looking for worksheets from various sources. All activities are clear and well set out.

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    I have used your homework book last year in term 3 and enjoyed it.

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