Grade 3 Term 3 Homework Book

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Grade 3 Term 3 Homework Book

8 Weeks: Monday – Thursday

*** This booklet can also be used for enrichment or intervention activities!

  1. Home Language
  • Sight Words
  • Phonics (Spell test every Friday)
  • Recognises all vowel and consonant blends learnt.
    • Long a Vowel Teams: ai, ay, ea, eigh, ey.
    • Long e Vowel Teams: ee, ea, ey, ei, ie.
    • Long i Vowel Teams: ie, igh.
    • Long o Vowel Teams: oa, oe.
    • Long u Vowel Teams: ew, ue, eu.
    • Diphthong Vowel Teams: oi, oy, ou, ow, au, aw, oo.
  • Recognises silent letters in words, that is, ‘k’ as in know, ‘l’ as in half, ‘b’ as in comb, ‘w’ as in write, ‘h’ as in hour.
  • Handwriting: Cursive Writing
  • Language use
    • Divide words into syllables like g. ap / ple
    • Homophones: Words that sound the same but are spelt differently.
    • Homonyms: Words that are pronounced and spelt the same but have different meanings.
    • Punctuation marks
    • Tense: Past, Future and Present
    • Parts of speech: verbs, noun, adjective
  1. Afrikaans EAT
  • Herken tweekonsonantkombinasies aan die begin van woorde: sk-, br-, fr-, pl-
  • Herken tweekonsonantkombinasies aan die einde van woorde:-lf, – nt, -rk, -rs
  • Driekonsonantkombinasies aan die begin van ‘n woord, soos: strand, straat, straf, streel.
  • Dubbelkonsonantkombinasies, byvoorbeeld: somme, potte, balle.
  1. Mathematics
  • Write & read number names up to 700
  • Addition/Subtraction
  • Place & Number Value
  • Fractions
  • Renamed/Expanded Notation
  • Calculations with money
  • Measurement: Volume & Capacity; Mass
  • Word sums

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