Lavender Classroom Decor

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Lavender Theme Bundle

  1. Welcome Banner
  2. A3/A4 Weather Chart
  3. Alphabet Bunting
  4. Alphabet Cursive Bunting
  5. Phonics
  6. Class Rules
  7. Ten Frame
  8. Number Line 1-100
  9. Numbers 1-1000
  10. Days of the Week / Months of the Year
  11. Rewards Chart
  12. Birthday Chart
  13. Colours
  14. 2-D Shapes
  15. 3-D Objects
  16. Emotions
  17. Classroom Headings
  18. Motivational Quotes
  19. Weekly Planner
  20. Editable Resources

1 review for Lavender Classroom Decor

  1. Natasha du Toit (verified owner)

    Love the theme, is it possible to get the following also in Afrikaans: phonic sounds flags, days of the week, months of the year, happy birthday for colours? And a heading for the birthday months?

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