Lesson Planning Mathematics Grade 1 Term 2


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10 Weeks (52x Pages)


Includes weekly planning, as well as daily planning. [PDF & MS WORD]

Daily plans are divided as follows:

  • Whole Class: MENTAL MATH (10 min) ;
  • Whole Class: PROBLEM-SOLVING (10min);
  • Whole Class: NUMBER CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT (10 min)
  • Group work: NEW CONCEPTS & REVISION (15 min) 
  • Group work: CONSOLIDATION (10 min)
  • Independent: WRITTEN TASK (30 min)

Daily provision is made to work with three smaller groups while other learners complete written assignments.

Lesson planning can be used as a guideline, but Educator still has to do preparation and planning.

Lesson plans are backed up by Resources available on the ‘My Classroom Website’.

  • Mental Math Term 2 Book

41 reviews for Lesson Planning Mathematics Grade 1 Term 2

  1. Liezl Ferreira (verified owner)

  2. Bernita (verified owner)

    Just love the fact that my macro planning is done…. all it takes it to plan when to teach what…. no time wasted….

  3. Mariaan Lothern (verified owner)

    Pragtig en werkbare lesse

  4. Kelsey Du plooy (verified owner)

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    So ongelooflik dankbaar!!!

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  12. Elraine Nel (verified owner)

  13. melita malebo (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with your resources and I will love to buy more. They are caps aligned and dont take long to send them. I received my order after sending proof of payment ❤❤

  14. Maryke van Eeden (verified owner)


  15. Danielle L. (verified owner)

    Thank you, this is incredible!

  16. Juanita Van Wyk (verified owner)

    Excellent quality!!

  17. Carole van den Berg (verified owner)

  18. Noekie van Niekerk (verified owner)

    Excellent! Would be great to get the worksheets bases weekly

  19. Meghan (verified owner)

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  21. SUSAN (verified owner)

    Such a boon. Thank you!

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  33. Jessika (verified owner)

  34. Yolande Cleaver (verified owner)

    The work is fantastic. My only disappointment was when I saw it was 2018 so it doesn’t match the current ATPs other than that it is absolutely amazing🙂

  35. Nomthandazo Silo-Bam (verified owner)

    So helpful easy to use and relevant work. CAPS Orientated as well.

  36. Anonymous (verified owner)

  37. Michelle (verified owner)

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  39. Chantel Naude (verified owner)

    Die lesplanne is baie mooi uiteengesit. Die weke stem net nie ooreen met die hoeveelheid weke die kwartaal. Lesplanne net tot week 10 en weke strek tot week 12,maar dit stem ooreen met die departement se ATP wat ook net oor 10 weke strek

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  41. Ilse Strombeck (verified owner)

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