Lesson Planning Mathematics Grade 3 Term 4


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Prepared by Kobie Kleynhans

Mathematics Lesson Planning for Grade 3 – Term 4

8 Weeks (50x Pages)

Include weekly planning, as well as daily planning.

Daily plans are divided as follows:

  • Whole Class: MENTAL MATH (10 min) ;
  • Whole Class: PROBLEM-SOLVING (10min);
  • Whole Class: NUMBER CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT (10 min)
  • Group work: NEW CONCEPTS & REVISION (15 min) 
  • Group work: CONSOLIDATION (10 min)
  • Independent: WRITTEN TASK (30 min)

Daily provision is made to work with three smaller groups while other learners complete written assignments.

Lesson planning can be used as a guideline, but Educator still has to do preparation and planning.

Lesson plans are backed up by Resources available on the ‘My Classroom Website’.

23 reviews for Lesson Planning Mathematics Grade 3 Term 4

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