Mathematics Grade 1 Concept Book 6


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Compiled by Kobie Kleynhans

Grade 1 Mathematics Concept Book 6

Concepts included:

  • Count the pictures and write the number symbol
  • Use grouping as a strategy to count
  • Use your number chart to count on or backward
  • Compare integers: more than / less than
  • Review number combinations to 6
  • Recognize, read and write numbers to 50
  • Write number names to sixteen
  • Order numbers: before, between, after
  • Use vocabulary to compare: smaller than; greater than, equal to
  • Repetitive addition: Write a sum and show sum on a number line
  • Equal sharing
  • Double dots and write a sum
  • Review: Miss Unite & Mr. Ten
  • Addition & subtraction on a number line
  • Recognize 2-D shapes

21 reviews for Mathematics Grade 1 Concept Book 6

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    Beautiful repetition of concepts.

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    Great book

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    Loved it, very easy to prepare.

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