Mathematics Grade 1 Concept Book 8


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Created by Kobie Kleynhans

Grade 1 Mathematics Concept Book 8

Concepts included:

  • Use grouping to count objects
  • Make own groups
  • Jump on/back on a number line
  • Number combinations of 8
  • Review number combinations
  • Compare numbers: more than / less than
  • Even and Uneven numbers
  • Number symbols and number names
  • Order numbers
  • Double and Halve numbers
  • Repeated Addition
  • Divide objects equally
  • Compensate and rename: Build a ten 8+
  • Name the place value
  • Write a number in multiples of tens and units
  • Addition/Subtraction of 2-digit number with a 1-digit number
  • Calculations with money: Change
  • Geometric patterns
  • Symmetry in own body

18 reviews for Mathematics Grade 1 Concept Book 8

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    The activities provide excellent practice for Grade 1 children.

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    Love MyKlaskamer resources. Especially at this crazy time.
    They helpful and very well put together.

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    Excellent content and lovely worksheets

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    My overall comment is it’s user-friendly and in line with CAPS. It will make my job easier. My learners will enjoy it. Thumbs up, My Klaskamer.

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