Mathematics Grade 2 Concept Book 12


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Compiled by: Kobie Kleynhans

Grade 2 Mathematics Concept Book 12

Concepts included:

  • Counting on/back into multiples of a number and identify the rule
  • Describe, compare and order numbers
  • Adding or subtracting multiples of 10
  • Mental Maths: Add +, subtract -, multiply x and divide ÷
  • Mental Maths: Answer the questions
  • Number combinations
  • Mental Maths: Calculate the answer and colour
  • Mental Math Strategies
  • Identify, recognize and read number symbols
  • Read and write number names to one hundred and ninety-nine
  • Place  Value and Number Value
  • Extended notation: HTE
  • Addition / subtraction in steps
  • Double and halve in steps
  • Multiply and Divide by Steps
  • Money: Recognize the properties of SA coins and notes
  • Operations with Money
  • fractions

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    This series is great for support to the learners

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