Mathematics Grade 2 Concept Book 3


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Grade 2 Mathematics Concept Book 3

Concepts included:

  • Listen to number symbols and circle it on a number chart
  • Write number names up to twenty-six.
  • Sets: Draw groups of and write a +-sum and a x-sum
  • Show a repetitive sum on a number line
  • Count on and back in 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s up to 100.
  • Describe, compare and order numbers up to 25
  • Use symbols to order numbers: < = >
  • Order numbers in descending and ascending order
  • Double and halving integers
  • Round to the nearest ten
  • Place value
  • Decompose numbers into multiples of tens and units
  • Fill in the correct symbols to complete a number sentence +; – & =
  • Number Combinations
  • Calculations in steps
  • Name the 2-D shapes

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