Mathematics Grade 3 Concept Book 4


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Mathematics Grade 3 Concept Book 4

Concepts included:

  • Use grouping to count the objects
  • Complete the number patterns by adding
  • Read number names and symbols and match them
  • Write the number name for the number symbol
  • Complete a number chart up to 500
  • Compare number to 500 and say which is more or less
  • Number Combinations
  • Describe, compare and order numbers to 500
  • Addition & subtraction in multiples of 10 to 100
  • Double & Halve integers
  • Order integers: before, between & after
  • Order integers in ascending and descending order
  • Decompose 3-digit number up to 500 in multiples of hundreds, tens and units
  • Identify and name the place- and number value
  • Calculation with money
  • Multiply and divide 2-digit numbers in steps
  • Addition and subtraction up to 400
  • Write the fraction that the shaded portion of each 2-D shape represents in words and fraction format
  • Compare fractions using symbols < = >
  • Time: Write time in different formats
  • Recognise that there are 24 hours in a day

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