Mathematics Grade 3 Concept Book 5


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Compiled by Kobie Kleynhans

Grade 3 Mathematics Concepts Book 5

Concepts included:

  • Count objects by using grouping as a strategy
  • Complete by counting on or back in multiples of a number and naming the rule
  • Complete a number card from 401 – 450 and circle a number symbols
  • Listen to a number and writes the number symbol
  • Describes, compares and orders numbers
  • Order numbers in descending/ascending order
  • Round to the nearest ten
  • Sorting even / odd numbers
  • Relationship between addition and subtraction
  • Relationship between multiplication and division
  • Quick recall: Multiplication & division
  • Double and halves 3-digit numbers in steps
  • Recall addition and subtraction facts
  • Place value: Recognize place value and the number value of a digit
  • Write the numbers in extended notation
  • Addition with carrying over
  • Subtraction with borrowing
  • Multiplication & Division of 2-digit numbers in steps
  • Complete a fraction wall and compare fractions
  • Money: Addition of notes and coins; convert from cents to Rand
  • Analogue & digital time

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