My Grade 2 Maths Guidebook

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My Grade 2 Maths Guidebook

This math guidebook is a comprehensive resource designed to facilitate the learning of fundamental mathematical concepts for young learners.

Learners will explore number symbols and names, as well as ordinal numbers, enhancing their ability to recognize and describe numbers accurately. They will practice ordering, comparing, and using symbols to compare numbers in ascending and descending order.

Rounding to the nearest multiple of 10 and doubling or halving will further strengthen learners’ numerical comprehension. The guidebook also covers number combinations up to 10, providing a foundation for advanced mathematical concepts.

Understanding hundreds, tens, and units, along with place value and number value, will empower learners to grasp complex number structures. Decomposition and expanded notation will support their ability to analyze and manipulate numbers effectively.

Timetables for 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x multiplication tables and multiples of 2, 3, and 4 number charts will improve learners’ multiplication skills.

To foster proficiency in arithmetic, the guidebook presents step-by-step methods for addition, subtraction, doubling, halving, multiplication, and division.

Exploration of time-related concepts, days of the week, months of the year, and an annual calendar will enhance learners’ understanding of time.

Practical applications involving South African coins and notes, along with money sums featuring Willy Worm, will instill financial literacy and problem-solving skills.

Learners will also gain familiarity with fractions, 2-D shapes, 3-D objects, the properties of 3-D objects, symmetry, length, mass, volume, and capacity.

My Grade 2 Maths Guidebook is an invaluable resource for learners, parents, and teachers seeking to build a solid mathematical foundation. Its interactive and well-structured content ensures learners’ self-assurance and successful progress in mathematics. Whether used in the classroom or at home, this guidebook provides an enriching and empowering learning experience for Grade 2 learners.

26 reviews for My Grade 2 Maths Guidebook

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    Very helpful and easy to understand for learners.

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    What an amazing resource! Definitely recommended

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    Jou produkte is net in een woord AMAZING!!!! Dankie dat jy ons lewens soveel makliker maak!! Waardeer jou opreg!

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    Just some constructive feedback… the guidebook needs counting in 5’s and examples of money plus sums.

  24. Susanne Strydom (verified owner)

    Your products are very professional, usable, and all according to CAPS requirements. Thank you very much for the effort you made compiling the books for our children. May God bless you tremendously. May more teachers realize the value of your work and the positive results they produce in learner achievement.

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