Number of the day 41-50

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Activity sheet includes:

  • Complete the number line,
  • Complete number patterns,
  • Order number: before, between, after,
  • Double and halve in steps,
  • Write the number name,
  • Number value & place value
  • Extended format,
  • Rounding to the nearest 10,
  • More or less than.

8 reviews for Number of the day 41-50

  1. Donna Noland (verified owner)

    Brilliant and insightful. Easy, no-prep activities that are almost lesson plan like in a sense that you are led as to what to explain to the kids. Cist effective due to its being black and white print.

  2. Faaida A. (verified owner)

  3. Maria Coetzee (verified owner)

  4. Nadia Graaff (verified owner)

  5. Nomthandazo Silo-Bam (verified owner)

  6. Maybre J. (verified owner)

  7. Elsa V Rensburg (verified owner)

  8. Mary-Ann Brown (verified owner)

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