Word Building: Word Families Book 1

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Written by Kobie Kleynhans

Word Building: Word Families [Short Vowel sounds]  39pages

Word families x10 Lessons

  • Trace the word for the matching picture.
  • Match the word to the correct picture.
  • Read the words.
  • Write the words.
  • Read the sentences and draw a picture.

Word families

  • LESSON 1
    -at & -ag Words
  • LESSON 2
    -an & -ap Words
  • LESSON 3
    -am & -ad Words
  • LESSON 4
    -et & -en Words
  • LESSON 5
    -ed Words
  • LESSON 6
    -it & -ip Words
  • LESSON 7
    -in & -ig Words
  • LESSON 8
    -ot & -op Words
  • LESSON 9
    -og Words
  • LESSON 10
    -un & -ug Words

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